Insulin Resistance! ..... and Chocolate Brains

Okay, so not the sexiest topic but very timely...

As we’ve got the sweetest holiday coming up in just one week, I’ve got to drop some knowledge regarding Insulin Resistance so you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Oh and read to the end where I give you an awesome recipe for Chocolate Brains!

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Soooo Insulin Resistance: Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. The role of insulin is to allow cells of the body to take in glucose to be used as fuel or stored as body fat.  When blood sugar levels are elevated, the pancreas runs into overdrive to create enough insulin to remove that sugar from the bloodstream.  What ends up happening is that the cells build up a tolerance to the insulin being produced, they stop responding, and blood sugar levels elevate.  This is Insulin Resistance. 

Initially, insulin resistance shows no symptoms, but eventually someone who is insulin resistant may experience weight gain mostly in the midsection (belly fat), lethargy, hormonal imbalances like irregular periods and PCOS, sleep disturbances, brain fog, high blood pressure, High triglyceride levels, which leads to heart disease and a slew of other issues, and constant hunger. Insulin resistance may develop into pre-Diabetes and Type-2 Diabetes, which will cause many other health issues and symptoms.

Think you are insulin resistant? You may want to test your fasting blood glucose levels. If they are above 100, consider what you ate the night before and if it was carb and/or sugar-heavy, cut those out and test again.  If you’re still high, consider more testing.  Triglyceride testing is a great way to determine how sensitive you are to carbohydrates, and the effect they are having on your health. You could ask your healthcare provider to test your triglycerides. If your number is under 50 mg/dL, it’s all good in the hood. If your triglycerides are higher than that, this shows that your body is just not able to process the amount of carbohydrate that you’re consuming. 

So what causes Insulin Resistance?

The possibilities includes: 

·       If you are overweight or obese

·       Eating a diet high in carbohydrates and/or sugar

·       A Sedentary lifestyle – taking little physical activity

·       Taking high doses of steroids over an extended period of time

·       Having chronic stress

·       Having Cushing’s disease or polycystic ovary disease

·       If you had gestational diabetes

The good news in all of this is that your cells can actually regain their insulin sensitivity if you give them a break. The key here is to eliminate opportunities for the pancreas to have to over-produce insulin. We all know that carbs turn into sugar, and tons of protein will also convert to glucose and raise blood sugar levels. Fat is the only macronutrient that will NOT cause an insulin spike. By eating less carbohydrate (and replacing it with fats), we allow our cells to regain their insulin sensitivity.  And by eating this way consistently, we can balance our blood sugar and completely overcome insulin resistance.  Add in daily movement and progressing in your level of fitness, and you’re saving yourself from a potentially long and painful battle Type-2 Diabetes.

ketogenic chocolate.JPG

Okay so now onto the Chocolate Brain. This is a ketogenic treat that can and SHOULD be made this Halloween that will NOT impact your blood sugar levels.


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