Keto Holiday Gift Guide

keto holiday gift guide.png

This is the Christmas List I Sent to my Parents

Christmas is my mom’s time to shine.  She’s totally a giver, obsessed with all things Santa, and starts shopping for the next Christmas on December 26th.  For reals.  

Thing is, she doesn’t always take me seriously when I ask for gift cards and money; she loves to watch people unwrap their gifts and see the look on their faces.  Since gift cards and money aren’t an option, I gave a very detailed list of what I would love to see under the tree this year.

When I read over the list, I realized just how keto I am!  If you’ve got a keto-lover on your list this year, consider these options (I copied and pasted directly from the list I sent to my parents):

ChocoPerfection Bars

Bulletproof Coffee (ground)

Bulletproof Brain Octane

Bulletproof XCT oil

Sukrin Gold

Anthony's Erythritol

Julian Bakery Pro Granola


The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen by Carolyn Ketchum  

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Royal Flora probiotics

Almond Flour


I also asked for gift certificates for my eyelash extensions, a massage, and a subscription to Le Tote, but I think my mom views gift certifications the same way as gift cards, so I’m not super hopeful about these requests…

But food is definitely a gift that keeps on giving and I would love any/all of these items!

The other gift that keeps on giving: health, fitness, and business.

Want to be the all-time best gift-giver with the ultimate keto gifts?  Thought so!

If you’re like my mom and have an aversion to giving gift cards, DIY a pretty gift card and frame it in an awesome frame.  No matter if you wrap it in a bag, or box, bow or not, giving one of these ketogenic living treasures will definitely escalate you to the top of the best gift-givers of all time!

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