Does a Ketogenic Diet Make You Lose Fat?

Since the ketogenic lifestyle goes against all of the information we’ve been given about “healthy eating”, I receive messages ALL the time with this one question: does a ketogenic diet make you lose fat?

My answer is pretty much always the same: yes, a ketogenic diet will make you lose fat.  I say “pretty much” because we all know that each person is different, and while I know from experience that the ketogenic diet does make you lose fat, I also understand that in some unique cases, it may not.  What I have found, though, is that the majority of people who are unsuccessful with leveraging a ketogenic diet to lose fat is that they are doing something wrong.  

Over-consuming dairy (especially if they are sensitive to it and unaware), eating a lot of processed foods such as lunch meat, loading up on carb-heavy spices like garlic powder, and eating much more than their body actually needs are some of the reasons why people do not lose body fat while eating ketogenic foods.  There are MANY other fat-loss-inhibiting factors that could make it difficult to lose body fat with any diet/lifestyle, so when making a change and setting fat loss goals, it’s important to work with an expert who can address every culprit and help set realistic expectations for overall health.  Otherwise you end up yo-yo dieting - jumping from diet to diet, seeing results for a short time and then plateauing and/or gaining all of the weight back.  That’s a waste of time, money, and you’re seriously f*cking up your metabolism.

Mindset, lifestyle, food sensitivities, fitness, simple recipes and meal planning tips are some of the topics I work on with each one of my clients.  If you’re ready to slam that yo-yo down and never pick it up again, then you’ve got to work with me.  Schedule a free Fat Burner consultation with me and we’ll get you on a delicious, healthy, sustainable track for life!

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