Does the Ketogenic Diet Really Work?

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“Does the Ketogenic Diet really work?  I mean, how the hell can eating fat help me LOSE weight?!”

These were the same questions I have when my mentor said that the ketogenic diet is what he uses to help his clients lose weight quickly and feel their best.  While the ketogenic diet does really work, it can also go horribly wrong.  Eating processed foods, going overboard on carb-heavy spices, and consuming the bad fats like soybean oil, vegetable oil, and canola oil have the potential to add belly fat to uneducated keto enthusiasts.

Too much of a good thing is… too much.  I have ready some blogs that encourage keto followers to “just keep eating fat” in order to lose weight.  Wrong again, friends.  If we eat more fat - even the healthiest of healthy fats - than we need, that excess food fat just sits there and the body won’t be able to burn its BODY FAT for fuel.  

Does the ketogenic diet really work?  Go to Google and look at all of the transformation pictures and stories from people who have adopted a ketogenic lifestyle.  They’ve dropped weight, regulated their blood sugar, gotten off of medicines, and said fuck cancer, to name a few of the many positive outcomes.

A ketogenic diet can really work for you, too.  Instead of just guessing what you should eat and in what quantities, work with an expert who will get to know your body and goals, help you set customized macronutrients, and will educate and empower you to stop dieting and make an amazing lifestyle change.  (cough, cough… ME).

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