How Fast Can You Lose Weight with a Ketogenic Diet?

The marketplace is flooded with programs and products all promising quick and easy weight loss.  The truth is, though, that there is no shake, pill, wrap, powder, or magic program that can fulfill this promise safely, effectively, and long term.  Since we live in an “immediate gratification” world, I totally understand why I’m flooded with information requests on my website asking, “how fast can you lose weight with a ketogenic diet?”  Le sigh.  Let me get out my crystal ball so I can predict the future.

How fast can you lose weight with a ketogenic diet?  Well, as fast as your body depletes it’s glycogen stores and is forced to rely on body fat for fuel.  This relies on your effort to reduce your carbohydrate intake and cut out sugar.  You must also find the right amount of protein and healthy fats that will make you feel amazing and fill you up.

In Ketogenic Living 101 and with my 1:1 clients, I customize their macronutrient intake and adjust as often as needed to help them achieve an optimum state of nutritional ketosis.  It’s important to mention that even in ketosis and fat-adapted, your body will lose fat at the pace it’s meant to.  

And remember, the scale only measurers your relationship with gravity; it does not determine your health.  Instead of wondering “how fast can you lose weight with a ketogenic diet”, work with an expert to get to your healthiest state - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  That space is really where the magic of your life unfolds.

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