How to Get Fast Results with a Ketogenic Diet

How to get fast results with a Ketogenic Diet

Maybe you’ve got a big event coming up, or you just became a parent or grandparent for the first time. Perhaps the vacation that you’ve waited years for is finally within arm’s reach. Whatever it is, you may be wondering how to get fast results with a ketogenic diet.

Before I answer this question, I need to ask you to define “fast”, and define “results”.

I can definitely tell you how to get fast results with a ketogenic diet if this means having more energy throughout the day, feeling mentally clear, getting rid of cravings, and being a happier person in just a couple of weeks.  If we are talking body fat loss, that is much more complex.

Did you gain all of that weight overnight?  If so, I think you must be moonlighting as Santa Claus and pulling an all-night cookie binge (in which case I must thank you for NOT delivering the requested “pink slime” in my daughters’ Christmas stockings…) But if you’re not the big, jolly, red-suited man, then admit to yourself that the weight gain has happened over a period of time.  It’s likely due to a variety of reasons, including nutrition, exercise, hormones, medications and supplements, life changes, age, mental health, living situation, exposure to toxins… I mean, the list goes on.

While I cannot promise any type of results in body fat loss, if you stick with me and listen to my guidance, show up and do the work, I can guarantee that you will feel better and be healthier in a matter of weeks.  Spending just seven weeks to improve your health for the REST of your life is all you need.  Get in touch with me to learn more.

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