Not Losing Weight?

“Oh well, I guess I’m just one of those people that keto doesn’t work for.”

I’ve seen this frustrated post several times in various Facebook communities I am in, along with a thread of comments discussing macronutrient ratios.  While macros do play a role in ketogenic living, there are so many other factors that are preventing you from losing weight. 

  1. There are hidden carbs and sugars in your food. Are you dumping garlic powder on all of your proteins and veggies? Girl, there are 6 grams of carbs in just 1 TBSP of garlic powder! Be a detective and make sure that you are looking at the nutrition label AND serving sizes. When in doubt, Google!

  2. You are eating too much or too little protein. The body may convert up to 56% of excess/unused protein into glucose, and an elevated blood glucose level may kick you out of ketosis. Protein is an essential macronutrient (unlike carbohydrates), though, and not consuming enough will result in muscle loss. How much protein YOU need depends on your biological makeup, activity level, goals, etc.

  3. Calories are cray! Those of us eating ketogenic often consume far less calories than people who follow a low fat/low calorie plan, however, if the goal is to lose weight, gorging oneself will halt those efforts. Eat until you are 80% full, then fill up on water.

  4. Not all fats are created equally. Yes, keto is high fat – high HEALTHY fats! Consuming overly processed foods such as lunch meats, mayonnaise and packaged “low-carb” items often contain fat-blockers: MSG and bad Omega-6 fatty acids. Vegetable, canola, safflower and soybean oil are some of the Omega-6 oils to avoid.

  5. Over-doing the dairy. Let’s face it: cheese is delicious! I thoroughly enjoy my organic heavy whipping cream and cheeses, however, eating ketogenic is not a free pass to eat all of the dairy you desire. Dairy can be an inflammatory and many people have an unknown sensitivity to dairy products. I recommend no more than 4oz of organic dairy per day.

  6. Exercise falls into an extreme. You may be spending 6 hours a day at the gym pumping weights and running miles, or the couch is your BFF. Over-exercise puts a lot of stress on the body and drains your adrenal glands while pulverizing your joints. Those who aren’t moving at all are allowing the muscles to atrophy and are not getting the burst of happiness from exercise endorphins. Move your body, but in moderation. In 20 minutes of exercise just 3-4 times week, your beautiful body might be able to stay in an optimal level of fitness.

  7. Hormones are acting up. Listen, your body changes constantly. Different life events, like the obvious ones - babies and menopause – will forever alter your hormones. This goal of getting back to your high school weight when you’re coming up on your 20-year high school reunion is a bit far-fetched. Do you know how much your body has changed in those 20 years? Girl, come on. For more on hormones, check out my interview with former IFBB pro Tammy Strome.

  8. Stress is strong. I am not under the impression that any of us lives in a world where every day is filled with puppy kisses, baby laughter, double rainbows and infinite pots of gold. We all carry some sort of life stress, but depending on how much you carry, your stress may be worn on your midsection. Chronic stress is the icing on your muffin top, a cause of inflammation and insomnia, and could even lead to life-threatening cancers. No one is immune to stress, however, we can control how we deal with it. Self care must be a priority: massages, bubble baths, meditation and prayer, essential oils, exercise, sleep, asking for assistance. No one will love and take care of your body the way that you can, and this is the only permanent place you live in for all of your time on Earth. Be good to your body and it will love you fiercely!

  9. Sleep is a thing of the past. I have been there… and still kind of am. My toddler sleeps in our bed and still wakes up probably once a night to nurse. As much as I wish our TV wasn’t on at night, it’s my husband’s bad habit. Sleep can be disrupted, but it is vital to our overall health. If you are getting less than 7 hours of sleep, and if those hours are constantly interrupted, your body will not absorb nutrients from food or supplements, nor will it benefit from exercise. No one likes a grouchy mombie, so do yourself – and everyone else – a favor and start your bedtime routine earlier to accommodate a good night’s sleep.

  10. An unhealthy obsession with the scale is weighing you down.  GET OFF THE SCALE.  Throw it out right now!  That thing is a liar.  It tells people they are healthy when they are not, or unhealthy when they are in great shape.  Your scale measures your relationship with gravity.  In that aspect, I’ve got a pretty darn good relationship with gravity, and I bet you do, too.  Throw it away.  Break up with it for good.  If your clothes fit (or are loose), you havemuscle definition and feel strong, and if you FEEL good – that’s all you need.Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about why you’re not losing weight?  Take some deep breaths, sit back and look at your lifestyle, and commit to taking some baby steps to making improvements.  Realize that you are not alone!  We all stumble and struggle – that’s life!  And as your Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, I’ve got you, friend.  Ketogenic Living 101: Eat Fat to Burn Fat covers so much more than delicious foods; we adopt a fitness routine to reduce your body fat and build leanmuscle mass, and make changes to your lifestyle and mindset so that you can truly become the happiest, healthiest version of YOU!
    With love and coconut oil,

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“So yesterday, I failed. I partook in my fair share of mimosas and enjoyed the day with friends and family. The best part of all of this? For the first time since I've dieted, I don't feel bad. Maybe that sounds terrible, but for me. It's a huge win. With every diet I've started, I've failed. I've felt like I was doing without, and starving myself. Yesterday I overindulged, but because I knew today I would go right back. Did I set myself back a little on my weight loss goal? Probably, but that's okay. Because I woke up this morning excited to start back on my "diet". My "diet" that is the first lifestyle change that I can actually say is just that: A lifestyle. So thank you Kate Bay Jaramillo. You've given me way more than 8 pounds lost in 2 weeks. You've given me a healthy relationship with food.It's the truth! I woke up the morning and fell asleep easy without anxiety about "restarting again". I wasn't restarting I only hit pause yesterday... So cheers ladies (raises my keto peanut butter "milkshake"--because yeah! I can have a milkshake for breakfast!!) here's to so much more than weight loss! Thank you all for the support!" - Lauren