10 Minutes of HIIT to Keep You Fit!

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10 Minutes of HIIT to Keep You Fit!

HIIT – high intensity interval training – is totes the best way to burn fat and build muscle in a short amount of time.   This workout includes exercises in short, all-out intense bursts with little recovery time.  You’re out of breath during and after the workout, which is where the magic happens.

Ever heard of EPOC?  It’s the acronym for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, but it’s more commonly known as the “afterburn effect”.  During the time it takes your heart rate to return to normal, you’re burning fat and torching calories. 

The EPOC just don’t stop!  HIIT is quick and intense, so you don’t need much time to reap the benefits.  In under 30 minutes you could burn fat for up to 48 hours!   In fact, most of my workouts are done in 10-15 minutes. 

HIIT on a fasted stomach is even better, as the body will use up any stored glycogen quickly, then turn immediately to stored fat for fuel.  I enjoy drinking BCAAs and remaining in a fasted state for as long as possible to really ramp up the fat burning.

Body weight is all the equipment needed (perfect if you’re traveling without access to weights), though I love to throw in some exercises with dumbbells.  Cardio has been my jam for years, but since incorporating some weighted exercise, my body has changed in a much stronger, leaner way.

Ready for a quick HIIT?  This is one of the workouts from my 12 Days of Fitmas challenge that my Ketogenic Living VIPs tore up.  Do this workout as many times through as you can, with a 30-45 second jogging recovery in between sets.

Kate’s Quick New Year's HIIT

1 30-Second Wall Sit

2 Plyometric Push-ups 

3 Squat Jumps

4 Surrenders with heavy weights (weights are optional, but encouraged)

5 Inchworms

6 Side Lunges (each side)

7 Wide Push-Ups

8 Slow Bicycle Abs

9 Frog Jumps (frog position, jump forward)

10 Tuck Jumps

11 Crunches

12 Mountain Climbers (each side)

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