Tips For Staying On The Ketogenic Diet During The Holidays

Tips For Staying On The Ketogenic Diet During

The Holidays


Wondering how to stay keto over the holidays this year? You are not the only one!

The holidays are commonly a time of couch surfing, excessive consumption, and binge-watching  TV shows and holiday movies.  But that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. In fact, the holidays can be the perfect time to reevaluate your attitude and look back on all the incredible progress you’ve made this year!

Tips For Staying On The Ketogenic Diet During The Holidays

  • Remember what the holidays true meaning is.  This is a very important tip. The reason for the holidays is not food. Yes, we humans tend to celebrate by feasting, but if you’ve got the feast itself fixed in your mind as the focal point of the festivities you’ve mentally confused the celebration with its trappings.

  • Plan ahead for parties and gatherings. So much can be avoided by simply planning ahead.  Know when the events will be, and just plan it all out. Don't arrive at the festivities hungry. Plan to take one of your keto favorites so there will always be that to snack on regardless of what else is there.

  • Set goals for yourself. The best way to stay on your Keto diet is to create clear goals. The rules you create should be based on your goals, which will determine your actions. There is no wrong or best goal.

  • Plan activities away from the table. Invite friends and family to take a trip, go see a show, or just walk around your local town; the holidays have tons of free events, and everyone feels happier with exercise.

Other Helpful Keto Tips

  • Stay Active. Getting stuck in the mindset of “I’ll workout after the holidays” can really set you back. Make time to workout through the holiday season and kick the excuses to the curb!

  • Indulge Moderately. We’re all familiar with the concept of cheat meals. If you choose to indulge during the holidays, do so moderately and don’t go overboard. Make an effort to not let one cheat meal snowball into a week’s worth of unhealthy meals.

  • Leave the Leftovers. Turning down a generous offer from your parents, grandparents, or in-laws to take leftovers home can be tough, but it’s a good decision for those committed to staying keto. As we mentioned above, it’s ok if you choose to indulge, but do yourself a favor and leave the leftovers!

  • Host the Party. If you’re able to, hosting the party can be very beneficial for staying keto. By being in control of most of the food menu, you can ensure that the food options are keto-friendly.

The Takeaway

The holidays come but once a year, but Keto is for life. If taking a few weeks off help you to enjoy the festivities, then go for it. If you want to hit up the gym twice as much to confess all your carb-eating and gym-abandoning, go for it.  No one is going to judge you for trying your best and living life on your terms. And if all fails, start over and beat your personal best. 

Remember, the holidays are a time of giving thanks and embracing a life of gratitude. 

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