Keto Love: Heart-Shaped Keto Recipes for Valentine's Day

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Heart-Shaped Keto

LOVE and Ketogenic Living go hand-in-hand!  While it’s true that the ketogenic way of eating is an incredible tool for weight loss, there are so many other non-scale reasons to join the fat-fueled revolution.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I want to take this opportunity to hone in on why keto = love, then give you some of my favorite heart-shaped recipes to serve to everyone you love (#1 person better be YOURSELF!) on Love Day.

Having worked with hundreds of clients in my ketogenic nutrition and coaching practice, I have noticed a running theme: more energy, more focus, improved mood, and enhanced libido.


Glycogen burns incredibly fast, and since the body can only use and store so much, you need to constantly refuel to maintain your energy levels. Fat on the other hand burns slowly and all of our vital organs love to use fat for fuel.  If your body is given plenty of fat to work with, it has an energy source that will never run out, and you’ll find yourself with more energy throughout the day.  Endless energy to spend with your loved ones!


When the body relies on glucose (sugar and carbs) as an energy source, blood sugar levels rise and fall. Without a consistent energy source, it’s harder for your brain to stay focused for long periods of time. When you’re in ketosis and your brain uses ketones as a fuel source, it has a consistent fuel source, allowing you to focus for longer periods of time.  Homework help, engaging in important conversations, being a good listener - all traits you will experience with ketogenic focused energy.


Most of us can agree that a high intake of sugar has a negative impact on mood.  A sugar-crash is attributed to feelings of crankiness, low-energy, and maybe even depression.

A steady intake of fats from a ketogenic lifestyle removes the sugar crashes, which improves mood and increases endorphin levels.


A high carbohydrate diet forces adrenal glands to work harder and pump out stress hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine.  Stress is a libido-killer and this is why many people suffering from adrenal fatigue, as well as perimenopausal women who struggle to produce the sex hormones their ovaries once produced feel a major dip in their sex drive.  Fortunately a ketogenic lifestyle rich in healthy dietary fat helps to balance sex hormones, insulin and cortisol. These healthy fats also improve absorption of vitamin D, a precursor for sex hormones.

As you can see, love and ketogenic living go hand-in-hand.  While there are many, MANY more benefits to ketogenic living, I’ll leave you with the aforementioned benefits to marinate on while you start to cook up these amazingly delicious heart-shaped recipes!  Don’t forget to post pictures of your lovely eats on social and tag me so I can give you mad props!

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