Keto Recipe: Delicious Seed Bread 🍞

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In February I was blessed to spend a weekend in Lisbon, Portugal with my dear friends Louise and Jeremy Hendon, my partners in the Keto40. While exploring the beautiful city by foot, we stumbled upon a super cool Paleo restaurant and bought a loaf of seed bread.

I've been craving for this seed bread (and another trip to Lisbon with my incredible friends) for a little while now. Being resourceful AF, I totally found the best Keto Seed Bread recipe ever!

Keto Seed Bread Recipe

There are a few keto bread recipes out there that are awesome, and many that are eggy and weird. This one is AWESOME! Keto Seed Bread is hearty, packed with fiber, and only 2g net carbs per serving. It is simple to make because there is no need to soak the seeds prior to using them.

Oh! And if you've got some vegan friends, or those with nut allergies attending your party, serve up some keto seed bread to fill them up and party on!

Thanks to for a seed bread that takes me back to a fun trip with the best of friends! Make it, top it with something keto-rific, and tag me!

Speaking of nut allergies... πŸ₯œ
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Fat-Fueled and F'n Awesome!

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