Keto vs. Cancer

Earlier this month I went on Facebook Live for a serious discussion about the ketogenic lifestyle and cancer.  This is super important, life changing, and potentially lifesaving!

When talking about sugar and overcoming my own sugar addiction in the past, I have mentioned that sugar is like Viagra for cancer cells.  This month, we are approaching one of the most sugary holidays of the season!  During this month of awareness we are also honoring all the individuals who have fought and continue to fight against breast cancer.  I want to arm you with some information that might help save your life and the lives of the people that you love.

Cancer cells are different from normal cells in many ways, but one thing that makes them so unique is that they have TEN TIMES more insulin receptors on their cellular surface than any other type of cell.  This means that they gorge themselves on the glucose and the nutrients coming in from the bloodstream; they just gobble up all of that glucose that comes from carbohydrates and sugar, as well as from the unused protein.  Not only do the cancer cells get stronger, but they prevent the body from absorbing nutrients, which makes the body even weaker.  If you follow the standard American diet where glucose is truly your primary fuel source, cancer cells will continue to thrive and spread.  So, it is no surprise that the lowest survival rate in cancer patients is seen in people with the highest blood sugar levels.  Cancer cells are damaged and they cannot metabolize fatty acids for energy; instead, they can only metabolize glucose and amino acids which come from an excess of protein.  So restricting glucose and/or the amino acid glutamine WILL starve off cancer.

Eating constantly (you know, eating those five small meals throughout the day, like we have been told is a good practice) also feeds cancer cell growth.  It does not allow any time for the cells to fast, which is a way they cleanse themselves.  When you eat constantly, your blood sugar level remains elevated.  Your insulin levels remain high.  This is effectively fueling cancer cell growth.  Instead of these constant small meals, incorporate some intermittent fasting.  This will increase ketone production in the body, which STARVES cancer cells; they cannot survive.  Fasting is so easy to do in a ketogenic lifestyle because you always feel so full and satisfied from consuming the healthy fats.

Also, you guys may know about my obsession with apple cider vinegar… I share some of my favorite apple cider vinegar recipes with my Ketogenic Lifestyle 101 clients.  Well, good ol’ apple cider vinegar also helps to weaken cancer cells by neutralizing the acidity, creating a more alkaline environment in your body.  It also increases cellular oxygenation, which is what your cells need to remove the toxin that is cancer.  The more toxins that your body has, the weaker it is while trying to fight off these cancer cells.  This is important for you to understand!

I mentioned that the amino acid glutamine as another aide to cancer cell growth.  This means that diets very high in protein are only fueling cancer cell growth.  I have seen many of these diets that are all about protein, all of the time…no fat and no carbohydrates; just as much protein as possible.  This is bad, bad, bad!


The ketogenic lifestyle advocates for low carbohydrate, moderate protein, high and healthy fat.  You can starve cancer cells by eating a diet that consists of the following breakdown of your 100% daily allowance: 75% healthy fats, 20% good quality, fatty, awesome protein (not processed and manufactured with a bunch of weird ingredients and additives), and then 5% or less of carbohydrates.  Lightbulbs should be going off right now, because that is exactly what keto is!  The focus of my practice, has changed from "Ketogenic Living 101: Eat Fat to Burn Fat to "KL 101: Healthy Fats, Healthy Life!"  There is just so much more to each to you and to every other individual on this earth than a number on the scale.  And, there is so much more to following a ketogenic lifestyle than just seeing body fat melting off.  To be honest, I don't feel that weight loss alone is a compelling enough reason for many people to make a lifestyle change.  Sometimes weight loss is not for them…and weight loss may not be for YOU.  It might be something you find yourself wanting, due to how you feel other people look at you, or a partner, parent, or friend.

I am finding that gaining control over their weight is not always the sole reason for someone to genuinely make a long term lifestyle change.  But, taking steps that could potentially save a THAT is a pretty compelling reason to make a change!  Not a change that is just for a couple of weeks or a couple of months, but one that is sustainable.  When you commit to that change, you know that you are taking the steps that you need to take to give yourself a little bit longer on this earth.  We have no idea what God's plans are for us, but you know what?  If we could do something to stay in control of our health, especially fighting something like cancer, why would we not take it?  

Honestly, this change in my perspective came to me as we were recently traveling separately from my daughters, and we were delayed and couldn' get home to them.  My thoughts kept circling around to: "What if I never got home to them? What would they do without me?"  With everything that is going on in the world right now, I know that I cannot change any of that, only pray for the best for those people.  But there ARE things that I can control and that I WILL control.  One of those things is eating ketogenic!  I am maintaining this lifestyle alongside my family members, so that we can live long, happy, and healthy lives.

Friends, let me help you learn more about Ketogenic Living! Take a few minutes to visit my Frequently Asked Questions Page.  I promise it is worth your time!

I hope that this message has inspired you to make the changes that could save your life.  I love you guys!  If you would like a recipe for Keto Pumpkin Bread that I shared with my VIP's click the button below!  

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