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Ketogenic Living 101:

Eat Fat. Burn Fat. Love Life!



The mission of Ketogenic Living 101: Eat Fat to Burn Fat is to take your personal health on a transformative journey from a place of lethargy and carb addiction to that of euphoria and fat-burning!   My experience, training and passion are all about getting busy women results... not just in terms of fat loss, but in improving their overall quality of life.  Busy moms deserve to be able to fulfill their daily routine with delicious fatty-foods that fuel their brains and build their bodies! 




It is the personal goal of Kate Jaramillo that every person who participates in Ketogenic Living 101 breaks the chain of sugar-addiction and finds a lifestyle that is truly satisfying! 

Have you been carrying around a few extra pounds that you just can’t seem to lose? Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill or wrap that’s going help you lose that weight in a week. But, the good news is, there are ways to teach your body to burn fat that actually work!
So how can you get your body to burn fat fast? It doesn’t help to follow a program where you lose weight by losing muscle. Your body needs that lean muscle! You need the right combination of fitness and nutrition that will get your body burning fat instead of sugar, helping the inches melt away.
When you teach your body to be a fat burner, your body actually releases the fat that it has stored. The key to getting your body to burn fat is getting your body to dip into a state called ketosis. To achieve ketosis, you need to build up your body’s lean muscle mass and you need to fill up your body with healthy fats like avocado and coconut oil following what’s called a ketogenic diet.
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Here's what past clients of Ketogenic Living 101 have had to say:


“Kate made it so easy, especially for someone new to the ketogenic diet. She also provided exercise motivation through daily posts and live video. I really liked that whenever I had a question, she was quick to respond. It was like my very own personal health coach available to me 24/7!” -SK


“In the first week alone I lost 6.5 pounds! I can't thank you enough for your support and guidance. I am finally able to overcome my sweet tooth!” -LS


Kate's dedication and commitment to my success in her program is hands-down, the most attention I have ever received from a personal trainer! She has a heart of gold and is a wealth of knowledge.  She has had an answer to every single pain-point I have experienced, and trust me, I've had plenty!" -AJ 

"I've been traveling Europe for the past three weeks and I actually LOST weight on my trip!  Keto is so easy to maintain, especially with your tips (like ordering more butter at restaurants!)  Thank you so much for your guidance.  This is exactly what I was looking for.  It is exactly what I needed!"


“I love helping busy moms fuel their bodies with real, fatty foods, so they can become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.”

Kate Jaramillo | program creator



Kate Jaramillo is a certified group fitness instructor and a Ketogenic living expert! Kate has been leading the way in the Ketogenic.  What began as an experiment with a small group of women has turned into a thriving business, helping busy moms make Ketogenic living simple, doable and delicious.  

As a wife and mom of 3, Kate knows the demands most moms face today.  It's incredibly challenging juggling home-life , family and work.  She also knows the power of a Ketogenic lifestyle to help women burn fat, prevent disease and clear brain fog. Her online programs and in-person trainings help make this lifestyle more accessible to busy women trying to juggle it all. Kate’s degree in communications and women’s studies have given her the unique ability to communicate effectively to a room full of women who are hungry to make a lifestyle change.

"helping busy moms fuel their bodies with real, fatty foods, so they can become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves!" - Kate




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