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Ketogenic Living 101:

Healthy Fats. Healthy Life!



The mission of Ketogenic Living 101: Healthy Fats. Healthy Life! is to take your personal health on a transformative journey from a place of lethargy and carb addiction to that of euphoria and fat-burning!   My experience, training and passion are all about getting busy women results... not just in terms of fat loss, but in improving their overall quality of life.  Busy moms deserve to be able to fulfill their daily routine with delicious fatty-foods that fuel their brains and build their bodies! 

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“I love helping busy moms fuel their bodies with real, fatty foods, so they can become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.”

Kate Jaramillo | Program Creator


Meet Kate Jaramillo

Founder of Ketogenic Living 101, Wellness Mentor & Connector

Kate Jaramillo is a Ketogenic Living Expert! She is leading the way in the ketogenic community. What began as an experiment with a small group of women has turned into a thriving business, helping women make Ketogenic living simple, doable and delicious. Kate is a featured mentor for The Keto Summit, has been featured on several podcasts such as the Keto Savage Podcast, is the co-creator of the Keto 40, and hosts the Straight-Up Wellness podcast. Kate has successfully created two comprehensive online fitness programs, Ketogenic Living 101 & Ketogenic Living 102: Advanced Fat-Burning Strategies. She has also created the Ketogenic Living Coach Certification program and Ketogenic Living Membership Community, in addition to several keto recipe eBooks.

As a wife and mom of 3, Kate knows the demands most of us face today.  It's incredibly challenging juggling home-life, family, and work. She also knows the power of a Ketogenic lifestyle to help burn fat, prevent disease and clear brain fog. Her online programs and in-person trainings help make this lifestyle more accessible to busy people trying to juggle it all. Kate’s degree in communications and women’s studies have given her the unique ability to communicate effectively to a room full of individuals who are hungry to make a lifestyle change.

"I want to heal the world with ketogenic nutrition, and be a woman my daughters are proud to call 'Mom'." - Kate

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I just wanted to say thank you for this journey and it has been one but I didn’t give up. I had to find my own path and what would work for my family. Now I’m actually creating things which I didn’t think was possible. I was awed by your creations. I’m down 30 pounds. Feeling strong and just embracing this Keto lifestyle!! Love you!! Now for some crepes and chicken fritters!!
— April, New York
After my personal transformation my passion is purely ketogenic living and Kate gave me the opportunity to make that the soul of my business. Once I received my certificate of completion I was immediately given access to not only the most superior wellness program on the market, but what makes it exceptional is that it’s accredited with NASM and AFAA. The coaching program provides so much material to make it simple and straightforward to begin your business. With only being three months into my certification it has been more rewarding than my five years as a freelance photographer. Having Kate as a mentor has been inspirational and we’ve developed a beautiful friendship as partners of the ketogenic community! I would highly recommend this program to any fellow ketogenic enthusiast!!
— Kim, North Dakota
Kate made it so easy, especially for someone new to the ketogenic diet. She also provided exercise motivation through daily posts and live video. I really liked that whenever I had a question, she was quick to respond. It was like my very own personal health coach available to me 24/7!
— Sherri, Arlington
In the first week alone I lost 6.5 pounds! I can’t thank you enough for your support and guidance. I am finally able to overcome my sweet tooth!
— Loren, West Palm Beach
Kate’s dedication and commitment to my success in her program is hands-down, the most attention I have ever received from a personal trainer! She has a heart of gold and is a wealth of knowledge. She has had an answer to every single pain-point I have experienced, and trust me, I’ve had plenty!
— Ambra, San Francisco Bay
I’ve been traveling Europe for the past three weeks and I actually LOST weight on my trip! Keto is so easy to maintain, especially with your tips (like ordering more butter at restaurants!) Thank you so much for your guidance. This is exactly what I was looking for. It is exactly what I needed!
— JoAnn, Madison